Bingham City Cemetery Unknown But Loved Service Project

Installment Date: Oct 2013

Comments: 130 Unknown But Loved granite/cement headstones designed and made by Stephanie Jencks, Nu-Art Memorial and a host of volunteers. Comments by Stephanie: I would like to thank the many individuals, organizations, and businesses that helped me honor 30 nations buried at this historic cemetery. We honored the world! The unreadable, rusty, metal markers stand as a witness of special people who lived a life just like you and me. 130 granite headstones are permanent reminders of people who are unknown but loved! This would not have been possible without my team of wonderful volunteers-Paul Bergera- Jordan School District Cemetery Sexton, Peggy Margetts-Jordan School District Auxiliary-Project Advisor, Girl Scouts of Utah-Troop 781, Bingham High SkillsUSA Club, Bingham High Teachers, River Ridge 1st Ward, South Jordan Utah River Ridge Stake, Riverton North Stake, The Very Best 4-H Club, Connecting Families Across the Globe, Nu-Art Memorial, and Stock Lumber. For more information contact:

If you would like to read more about this service project that grew into Sponsor Someone Special, please see visit:

A photo of a headstone and a rusty marker should be showing here... A photo of a remade headstone stating 'Unknown But Loved' should be showing here... A photo of multiple rusty metal markers and replaced headstones in the cemetery should be showing here...

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