Bingham Cemetery Historical And Service Tour
1. Who owns the cemetery and why?
2. In what year was Bingham disincorporated?
3. How many acres is the cemetery?
4. What are the earliest documented birth and death dates found within the cemetery?
5. What wars are listed on the Veteran Memorial?
6. How many countries and states are listed on the International Monument?
7. Find a headstone with a Christian cross, a Star of David, a lamb, a dove, and Jesus Christ on it.
8. People from how many nations are buried in this cemetery?
9. Find a headstone that was made by hand.
10. In what year was the Dry Fork Cemetery relocated to Bingham Cemetery? (Hint: See the southwest corner of the cemetery)
11. Can burial plots still be purchased and in what location can they be purchased?
12. How many monuments for police officers killed in the line of duty are there?
13. Find a headstone with a photograph of the deceased on it.
14. What’s the most recent burial?
15. How many headstones say “Unknown But Loved” throughout the cemetery?
16. Find a Veteran who served in the Civil War.
17. Find a Veteran who served in World War II.
18. Find a headstone from Italy.
19. Find a headstone from Austria.
20. Find a headstone from Yugoslavia.
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As you take the self guided tour, please be respectful of the cemetery. 
Please pick the weeds around one or more of the headstones. Thank you for giving service and leaving this cemetery a better place than you found it!
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